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Advanced Self-Study Online CPA Review

In addition to the features of a Self-Directed Online CPA Review, like Becker CPA Review, Wiley CPAexcel, or NINJA CPA Review, the Advanced Self-Directed Online CPA Review has video lecture CDs with hours of valuable lectures. Advanced Self-Study Online
CPA Review combines online study with video lectures on CD to provide the ideal exam preparation program. This innovative review covers all four exam sections – Financial Accounting & Reporting, Regulation, Auditing & Attestation and Business Environment
& Concepts – and is accessible for a full 12 months after initial login date. As a self-directed learner, you’ll be able to access our 4-volume set of CPA Review e-books (also available on your iPad) whenever you choose, eliminating the worry of losing
books and the need for toting them around. Online availability also gives you an instant reference to appropriate text feature, final exams formatted just like the actual exam and color-coded tracking of your exam performance. You can practice with
thousands of exam questions: multiple choice, written communication, and task-based simulation questions – all randomly selected to replicate an authentic CPA exam experience. In addition to the online features, you’ll receive video lecture CDs that allow
you to turn any time into review time; view lectures anytime, anywhere … it’s all up to you. Our latest version of the Self-Directed Online CPA Review is updated regularly to include all AICPA examination changes. It also includes an expanded help system,
more options to customize content and practice exam material, and the ability to mark questions and content for later research or reference.

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