CPA Review Course Online

CPA Review Online

Product Specifications:


  • Center-based navigation
  • Expanded Help System
  • Home Page with History Links
  • Message board
  • Weekly chat sessions
  • Email
  • Increased Settings Options (including customizable content appearance)
  • “Getting Started” section
  • Tutorial-based help system
  • Multiple-user support
  • Ability to print every screen
  • Audio help for all screens
  • Web-based interface
  • Class News

Study Mode:

  • Simulation Questions
  • Custom Study (actually recommends what you should study next)
  • CPA Review Personal Trainer™ (develops a personalized study plan just for you)
  • More than 4,000 actual CPA Exam questions (multiple choice, essay and simulation)
  • Weekly assignments including quizzes to help keep students on track
  • Online study guides
  • Video viewer guides (available weekly as a download)
  • Ability to mark questions for later reference
  • All the text from our four-volume textbook series
  • 50+ hours of streaming video lectures
  • Supplemental examples to help strengthen difficult concepts
  • Recently Visited Areas
  • “Getting Started” section
  • Custom Study (user chooses what to study)
  • Global Study (study any topic instantly)
  • Study mode with incorrect answer explanations
  • Ability to add personal Booknotes to every topic in the text
  • Super Search
  • Tutorial-based help system

Test Mode:

  • Test Advisor (guides you through the test-taking process and recommends specific custom tests)
  • Unlimited Diagnostic Exams
  • Unlimited Final Exams
  • Custom Exams (exam selects include auto; manual; random; time; content, including topic and micro topic; question type, including multiple choice, essay and simulation; questions not previously seen; and questions based on previous success level)
  • Rules-based grading of essays
  • Ability to mark questions for later reference
  • AICPA-based Final Exams
  • AICPA final exam chart

Statistics Center:

  • Color-coded statistical analysis by topic and micro topic
  • Statistical Charts
  • Statistics saved for every question answered

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NINJA CPA ReviewWiley CPAexcelBecker CPA Review
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