Hiring CPA to Provide Professional Tax Resolution Help

What You Need to Know about Hiring A CPA to Provide Professional Tax Resolution Help

With so many potential tax changes looming, the 2015 tax year may be the best time to acquire the services of an accountant or CPA.  These potential changes lead to the question of how you’re going to prepare your taxes knowing you will be taxed differently. Will you do it yourself by hand or use popular tax software? Will you try a local or national tax preparation office? Or maybe you will hire a professional to take an in-depth look at your taxes and overall financial strategy? Have you considered hiring a CPA? Taxes can be complex and you need a proper tax resolution specialist to maximize your savings and prevent an audit. A CPA who provides tax resolution services can be the best choice for any taxpayer, especially those facing an audit or tax debt.

Every situation, whether it’s an audit or tax debt for your business or personal finance, there is a tax resolution that a tax resolution CPA can determine. CPAs are one of the highest qualified and educated professions in the world. Most CPAs have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, and are required to complete additional professional education every few years to maintain their license with state. That’s right; CPAs are state regulated, unlike many other tax resolution service providers. Additionally, CPAs are held to a higher ethical standard and code of professional conduct through state CPA societies and the American Institute of CPAs. Typical tax resolution specialists do not have these requirements and many have never graduated college. A CPA is the most qualified solution to resolving your tax problems.

Tax resolution specialists will help you setup a tax preparation system that will function seamlessly within your business or personal finances, providing year-round financial security. You will also experience streamlined financial processes, reducing efforts for future tax preparation needs. Through this process, tax resolution specialists can identify the critical factors for your business or personal financial needs and help stave off potential audits and future tax problems. Tax resolution specialists can also help you immediately with tax liens, wage garnishment, bank levies and other tax penalties, by finding the best financial solution for you or your business.

Being audited by the Internal Revenue Service or state tax authority is not fun for anyone and utilizing a tax resolution CPA can reduce the chance that you are audited. However, if do get audited, tax resolution CPAs, have the authority to represent you in front of the Internal Revenue Service and the tax courts until your situation is resolved. Your tax resolution CPA will have intimate knowledge of your finances to represent you best in these situations.

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