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As part of Checkpoint Learning's CPA Review’s commitment to provide the highest quality teaching tools, we’re proud to provide our collection of Academic Site License products. With CPA Review’s Academic Site License products, accounting professors can access a powerful set of web-based classroom tools. Whether used as primary teaching tools or supplements, our accounting classroom software is an excellent addition to your classroom and is designed to enhance the learning process for your students to help them perform better within your classroom, plus begin preparing them for the CPA Exam.

With many students procrastinating to take the CPA Exam and with only about half of them earning a passing score, it is critical to provide students with early exam preparation to give them the edge they need. With the FREE Academic Site License for accounting professors, you will have access to supplemental accounting content including thousands of questions to help you create and deliver student assessments that will help improve student performance within your class and provide them a glimpse into what it will take to pass the CPA Exam.  Also included is access to over 60 hours of topical lectures that can easily be incorporated into your classroom teaching.

When you sign up for the FREE Academic Site License, each student in your class will receive a complimentary copy of Academic Site License Campus version, providing your students with the ability to complete classroom quizzes and exams and begin learning what it will take to achieve a passing score on each section of the CPA exam.

Your students also have the option to upgrade their Academic Site License classroom software from the Campus version to the Campus Pro version at a significant discount. The Campus Pro version will unlock all the tools necessary to learn difficult accounting concepts plus give them a jump-start to preparing for the CPA Exam. Students can use the Campus Pro version in class as well as study on their own, any time and anywhere they have Internet access.

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Give your students the knowledge, skills, and practice they need to perform better in the classroom and pass the CPA exam with CPA Review’s Academic Site License CPA review tools for teachers and CPA review classroom software.

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From our longstanding record of helping candidates pass the exam to our reasonable prices and money-back guarantee, what’s not to love? in the Classroom in the Classroom

Accounting professors, it’s never been easier to prepare your students for the CPA Exam.

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