Staff cpa overhead costs and benefits

The Staff CPA: Overhead Costs and Benefits Associated with the Position

More and more businesses are beginning to see the benefits of having a professional accountant or licensed CPA on their staff.  Naturally, there are overhead costs that accompany hiring an outside CPA, but beyond the salary, these are typically not excessive, and for many companies, the advantages can far outweigh the disadvantages.

Even if you possess the necessary skills to handle your business’ finances on your own, consider the time and effort that could be saved in the long run by hiring a professional.  Remember that at tax time, no business can afford even the most negligible discrepancy on its tax returns.  Hiring a professional CPA can allow you to spend your time and energy on other ways of growing your business.

Why You Can Trust the Expertise of Certified Public Accountant

CPAs are required to meet some of the highest standards of any profession.  They undergo a rigorous course of study during college and then must successfully pass the Uniform CPA Exam, a highly demanding standardized exam of business, auditing and general accounting skills.  In addition to the demanding licensing procedure, CPAs are required to maintain ongoing continuing education in order to stay abreast of changing laws and regulations.

By bringing a CPA onto your staff, you will no longer need to worry about understanding complicated legal matters or getting in over your head when it comes to taxation issues.  The fact that they are licensed experts in their field ensures that you will get consistent, reliable and ethical accounting services.

Let’s take a look at some of the more important reasons why you should consider hiring a qualified CPA as part of your team.

  • With an onsite CPA, you will significantly reduce – and most likely eliminate – any occurrence of accounting related errors that can lead to audits.
  • A staff CPA will better be able to find tax breaks for your business and reduce funds spent on outside contractors.
  • He or she will be able to facilitate any necessary financial action on behalf of business clients.
  • With a CPA on your team, you can be assured that your working capital and cash flow are aligned with your business’ short- and long-term goals.
  • Your CPA makes an excellent onsite resource for anything and everything related to finance.  He or she may also be willing to conduct in-service training and staff development on topics related to your company’s finances.

If you’re still wondering whether or not you’re ready to hire a staff CPA, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my business large enough that it is difficult for me to keep up with the accounting by myself, even though I possess the knowledge and skills to do it?
  • Am I spending too much time and effort making sure I get everything correct when it comes to my business’ accounting needs?

An honest “yes” to one or both of these questions is a signal that it’s a perfect time to start seeking out a staff CPA.  No matter what type of business you operate, with a CPA in your office, your bookkeeping is guaranteed to be set up logically and legally. When tax season rolls around, your time and energy will be freed up so you can focus on tasks directly related to the goals of your company.

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