Training for In-demand Careers for Returning Service Members

Training for In-Demand Careers for Returning Service Members

Service members returning from tours of duty after fulfilling their obligations to the U.S. military have opportunities to enter into new and exciting professions. However, with so many of our service members re-entering the job force, it’s important for them to find a way to stand out among the crowds.

One such profession that can quickly get you ahead and give you an advantage is that of a Certified Public Accountant. Service members are accustomed to focusing on details, similar to how CPAs need to function. This is something that can be leveraged during the job application and interview process. CPAs also have a bright future; the Bureau of Labor Statistics has cited a 22% growth in the CPA profession over the next few years. However, becoming a CPA requires a robust education and then you must pass the difficult CPA Exam.

Neither of these tasks is easy, but the payoff is exceptional. CPA review courses are a great way to prepare for the CPA Exam, whether you’re still in the military or just finished your contract.

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