What Accountants May Never Know About Mobile Marketing

What Accountants May Never Know about Mobile Marketing

With every marketing campaign comes results, failures, and points for improvement. As an accountant, your ability to learn from these failures allows you to address the individual failing aspects of the campaign. We’ve included 8 aspects of mobile marketing which are sure to start you off on the right track while avoiding major mistakes.

1) Mobile Site Design

Having a separate mobile site is key. A very common mistake is to simply shrink the site, however this has proven not to be user friendly as on page elements are just too difficult to see and navigate within. Therefore, when designing a mobile site, keep your info / data and copy to a minimum.

2) Live Response

Only include a call button if you actually have someone for your site visitors to speak to when they call. Having a live body who can effectively speak to the highlights and services of your business will be highly beneficial as most mobile searchers want immediate gratification i.e. answers from a real live person. If you cannot have a fulltime employee for this, do not include a call button. Use a form and promise a response in a realistic time frame. The shorter the better, but don’t over promise.

3)  On Screen

Graphics and video will slow your load time and use more data from the potential customer’s plan, so use these wisely – like recorded testimonials, bio/CV review for your partners, etc.  Keep them short, and always have them as user initiated.

4)  Don’t Push Too Many Offerings

If you have a large number of services and/or a plethora of information for your potential clients, segment your site and make the information accessible as possible requiring as few clicks as possible.  Separate information into specific lists if possible, but do not have the list scroll more than twice. Place your most lucrative or most advantageous/high profile services within the first screen. The more someone has to click, the higher the chances that they will close your application.

5)  Create an App

If you are truly interested in growing your business, it may be in your best interest to create a business application that would be highly used by your target consumer audience– like a tax calculator, a depreciation calculator, an amortization calculator, etc. – and brand it with your company through whomever you have develop it.  Register it with any of a number of large app stores, and have the registration include the information you would need to build a prospecting list.  This may be expensive or time consuming if you do it yourself, but the potential business it can generate is enormous.

6)  Get Into the Search Engines

Your business needs to be found, and the search engines have replaced the phone book.  Places like Google Local, and Google Places are first priority, and will allow you to begin creating momentum necessary to show up in larger and more broad searches for terms that are valuable in the accounting industry.  There are larger firms who hire entire agencies or even divisions within their organization to handle this aspect, so start out free and supplement with paid when you are comfortable with the intricacies of the search engine nuances.

7)  Allow for Community Involvement 

You will be surprised at what drives a decision for a potential client. Involve your community and allow for participants to link to your site with updates and photos, thus giving an additional dimension to your mobile site.

8)  Design

Be sure to design your site so that buttons and clickable areas are easily noticed. Label them with a specific call to action that gives the visitor clear direction as to why they should interact with the element (call to action). This is not only applicable to mobile marketing but also for all interactive marketing.

Having an effective mobile website / application can prove to be a very effective approach to finding new clientele. As an accountant non-CPA, you may or may not be able to cater to the needs of every client. If you are planning on launching a mobile site or application and you have obtained the CPA credential, it’s a good idea to state your credentials as there is a difference between an accountant and a CPA. You can also find more information on how to become  a CPA,  CPA salaries, or CPA exam requirements for your state on our site.

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