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Bisk CPA Review was critical to my success on the CPA Exam

The Most Trusted Name in CPA Exam Review Since 1971

Bisk CPA Review has a remarkable record of helping CPA candidates pass the Uniform CPA Exam. Since its introduction almost four decades ago, more than 150,000 candidates have relied on Bisk CPA Review to pass the CPA exam, including numerous Elijah Watt Sells Award Gold Medal winners.

"Bisk CPA Review was critical to my success on the CPA exam," said John McInnis, who earned a perfect score on his exam.

Gold Medal winner Stephanie H. Seiberg was equally pleased with her results. "I am grateful to Bisk CPA Review for their role in helping me achieve the highest scores in the nation on the CPA exam."

Backed by the Leading Experts in Accounting

Bisk CPA Review is passionate about providing the absolute highest quality content in all of our CPA exam review products. Bisk's editorial board includes some of the nation's leading CPAs, attorneys and educators including Bob Monette (JD, CPA), and Paul Munter (PhD, CPA). And with an in-house staff of editorial CPAs behind the scenes, students can even call to speak directly with the professionals who wrote the book on CPA exam success.

The Content of a Live Class. The Flexibility of Self-Study.

Bisk CPA Review was one of the first providers in the nation to offer CPA candidates a self-paced CPA exam solution. And Bisk CPA Review has set the standard for quality and convenience in CPA exam prep ever since. Bisk CPA Review is available in different convenient formats including online, DVDs, textbooks, or a live review. Whether you're at home, at the gym, commuting or traveling, Bisk CPA Review gives you the freedom to maximize your study time — and maximize your scores on the exam.

150,000 CPA's and Counting!

"With Bisk's online CPA Review program, students get all the benefits of a live class, with instruction from leading experts and structured weekly assignments," said Valerie Wendt, Bisk CPA Review Sr. Product Manager. "But they also get the flexibility to study when and where they want, and review the material as much as they need to. So it's no surprise that our students have achieved such excellent results on the exam."

Used on University Campuses Nationwide

Because of Bisk CPA Review's proven track record of success, numerous universities, including the University of South Florida (USF), Pace University and CUNY-Medgar-Evers, use Bisk CPA Review for their own on-campus courses, and they've achieved excellent results. Pass rates among campus programs using Bisk's CPA Review consistently exceed the national average. In fact, USF's live review has reported several classes with 100% pass rates.

Pass the Exam or Your Money Back!

Bisk CPA Review is so confident you'll pass the exam, we offer a money-back guarantee. Complete any of the Bisk CPA Review online programs and we guarantee you will pass the CPA exam or we'll refund your money.

But don't take our word for it. Try Bisk CPA Review yourself and see why it's the most trusted name in CPA review.

Bisk CPA Review || The Company || The Experts
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