Best CPA Review Courses

These popular CPA Review courses (Becker CPA Review and NINJA CPA Review) represent a large chunk of the CPA Exam prep market and are at opposite ends of the pricing spectrum.

The number of courses and options out there (and options within those options) can be quite overwhelming.

If you follow these three crucial guidelines, you stand a great chance of choosing the Best CPA Review course for you:

  1. Budget (What can you afford? Debt vs No Debt?)
  2. Learning Style (Powerpoint lectures? “Dry Erase Board” lectures? No lectures? Test Bank only?)
  3. The ‘5 AM Test’ (Can you stomach studying with this course at 5 am, or will you most likely hit snooze for the next 2 hours until you really have to get up?)

Getting this choice right is critical to your success as a CPA candidate and becoming a CPA.

It’s important to compare CPA Review courses and make the best choice for you.

Note: All course prices are retail and not reflective of any current sales or promotions.

Let’s get started…

Becker CPA Review

becker cpa review

Becker CPA Review is the most expensive, most popular, and most searched company because it is the biggest name in CPA Exam prep.

The four Becker CPA Review courses are Concierge ($5,999), Pro ($3,799), Premium ($3,099), and Advantage ($2,499).

Becker has a popular cram course called the Becker Final Review.

Investopedia ranks Becker CPA as a top-5 CPA prep course and rated Becker the “Best Overall Course” in 2024.

Becker CPA Review allows returns & refunds up to 10 business days after purchase, with limitations.

Read More about Becker CPA Review.


ninja cpa review

NINJA CPA Review is the cheapest full CPA Review course and the most popular CPA Study Supplement with its NINJA Notes, Test Bank, and Audio.

The NINJA CPA Subscription is $67 and can be started and stopped as needed.

In addition to a free trial, NINJA offers Free CPA Notes.

While NINJA has one product (NINJA Subscription), it can be used with two CPA study paths: NINJA Only and NINJA as a Supplement.

Investopedia ranks NINJA CPA as a top-5 CPA prep course and rated NINJA CPA Review “Best Price” in 2023.

NINJA CPA Review allows returns & refunds up to 30 days after purchase, with no limitations.

Read More about NINJA CPA Review.

CourseBecker CPA ProNINJA CPA Monthly
Retail Price$3,799$67
Investopedia RankBest OverallBest Price

cpa review courses

CPA Review Course FAQ

Which CPA Exam review course is the best?

The best CPA Review course is the one you’ll study with, which is why it’s critical to do free trials before purchasing.

CourseFree Trial
Becker CPA ReviewBecker Trial

Are CPA review courses worth it?

Yes. You must use a CPA Review course because it is geared toward one goal: helping you pass the CPA Exam. Studying with accounting textbooks or other materials is a waste of valuable time.

Which CPA review course has the best pass rate?

The AICPA claims that the pass rate is 45-65%, depending on the section. The pass rate for most review courses likely follows the same pattern.

What is the best CPA course for working professionals?

One that has an audio course to maximize study time while commuting. This leaves NINJA.

How do I choose the right CPA course for me?

Budget, Learning Style, and Peer Review. What can you afford? What clicks best for your learning style? What do others say about the course?

What is the Best CPA Review course for international students?

Each person is different, but if English is your Second Language (ESL), free trials are essential to ensure that you can understand the lecturer(s).

Are Live CPA Review classes still offered?

Becker CPA Review and NINJA host live classes online.

Can I get College Credit for my CPA Review Course?

Possibly. Some MAcc programs have the CPA Review course integrated into their program. Suppose you’re looking into a Master of Accounting program. In that case, it might not hurt to email the CPA Review course you’re looking at and ask them if they have any partnerships with colleges or universities where you can accomplish this very thing. Then, see if that school has an online program.

Where do I find CPA Promo Codes for the Best Deal?

To counter the affiliate farms advertising that they have the “best CPA Review coupon codes [you won’t BELIEVE how much money you’ll save!!! MUST SEE!!! Click our Link!!!!], Courses now put the coupon code directly on their sites to avoid paying unwarranted affiliate commissions. Go directly to the course website for the best deal.

Becker CPA Promos are typically listed on their site.

NINJA CPA Promos offers a one-time upgrade to all four (six in 2024) parts for $197. The upgrade is offered after checkout.

Which CPA Test Banks Have Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive Learning in a CPA test bank was a major feature a few years ago. Today, most courses have some form of adaptive technology. You can still pass the CPA Exam without it (as people have done for decades), but you could make a case that you’re at a disadvantage vs. other CPA candidates using it. Adaptive Learning allows the test bank to ‘feed’ you more questions based on your weak areas. Your strong areas are still tested but less frequently. Different courses have different names for them – and each company uses its own adaptive algorithm, so they aren’t the same.

Both Becker CPA Review and NINJA CPA feature Adaptive Learning Test Banks.

Can I get College Credit for my CPA Review Course?

Some MAcc programs integrate CPA Prep courses. If you’re looking into a Master of Accounting program, it might not hurt to email the CPA Review course you’re considering and ask if they have any partnerships with colleges or universities where you can accomplish this. Then, see if that school has an online program.

Is Buying Used CPA Prep Courses a Bad Idea?

Nowadays, many things are digital, and reselling a course – especially a digital version of a course with logins- violates the terms of use for a course. Not only is it unethical (to violate the terms of use) as an aspiring CPA (oh, the irony), but you also run a significant risk of buying someone else’s course access only to have it shut off by the course. If the “customer” lives in California and logged in 435 times from LA, and you live in New York and start logging in, good luck explaining that. Don’t start cutting ethical corners to save a buck. Not a good start to your CPA career.

Do Accounting Firm employees get discounted CPA Prep courses?

The bigger firms have relationships with the various courses. The courses set up bulk pricing with the firms (usually far below retail), and then new hires pick from the list of “approved” courses, and the course gets paid whatever the contracted amount is. If the employee leaves within X amount of time, they have to pay the firm back for the course. If the firm employee needs a second course or an add-on like NINJA, it’s on the employee’s dime. If you work for a CPA firm – best sure to ask about special pricing from your HR department.

Most larger firms offer Becker CPA.

Do CPA Review Courses have Military Discounts?

There are two types of Military Discounts for CPA Review: Direct Bill and your regular “discount” code used at checkout.

Direct Bill

The CPA Review course has a direct billing relationship with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Becker CPA has a direct billing relationship with the military.

Military Discount

Other courses have a flat military discount, but with the competitive nature of the CPA Review course industry right now and courses discounting the packages $1,000+ OFF, the military discount isn’t likely going to be any better than the regular discount, and depending on the timing, it might be a lower discount.

Do Courses Have Former Student Discounts?

Courses are always happy to get their former customers back vs going to a competitor, which is why most courses have attractive former student discounts. Some courses even offer discounts to former students of other courses and are happy to convert them as well.

Do CPA Review Courses offer Financing?

Yes, most courses offer financing. However, double-check the fine print. Some payment plans have high interest rates.

Becker CPA Review offers financing.

NINJA CPA Review offers a monthly subscription, but it’s not financing, as you can start and stop as needed.

Should I hire a CPA tutor?

No. NINJA hosts four CPA Exam tutoring sessions weekly, and Becker offers live tutoring services. Instead, buy a CPA Review course with tutoring built-in.

Should I be concerned about CPA Review Course Return & Refund Policies?

Most CPA Review Return Policies are not friendly. NINJA is the only mainstream course in the industry with a 30-day refund guarantee.

Why are CPA Free Trials so important?

Because it’s hard to return a course that you don’t like.

Some even have a stiff monetary penalty for returning their courses.

Choose wisely.

Final Verdict: Which CPA Review Course does recommend?

Go with the CPA Review Course that matches your:

  • Budget
  • Learning Style
  • Lifestyle

Whether it’s Becker CPA Review, NINJA CPA Review, or any other course on the market, the best CPA Review course is the one that is best for you.