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Becker CPA Review Introduction

Our review of the Becker CPA Review Course will focus on:

  1. Becker CPA Review Courses: Becker Concierge vs. Becker Pro vs. Becker Premium vs. Becker Advantage
  2. Becker CPA Supplements: Becker Final Review, Multiple-Choice Questions, Flashcards, etc.
  3. Becker CPA Discounts: How to save up to $1,500 with Becker CPA Promo Codes.
  4. Becker CPA Reviews: What industry experts say about Becker.

Let’s get started…

Becker CPA Review Courses

Becker CPA Review has four main CPA Review Courses:

  1. Becker Concierge
  2. Becker Pro
  3. Becker Premium
  4. Becker Advantage

Becker Pro, Premium, and Advantage have been around for several years.

In addition to CPA Review, Becker also has Becker CMA.and Becker CPE.

Becker Concierge is a new addition to the Becker Course family. At a whopping $5,999 retail, it’s also now the most expensive Becker CPA Review Course.

Let’s break them down one by one.

Becker Concierge vs Becker Pro

Becker Concierge is Becker’s answer to a “done for you” all-in-one CPA study solution. They can’t take the actual exam for you, but everything else is just about on the table.

Don’t get too excited. Becker CPA Concierge only takes a limited number of students, and the price is pushing $6k.

Becker Concierge Exclusive Features (vs. Pro):

  1. Pass Guarantee
  2. Success Coach
  3. CPA License Navigator
  4. Private Tutoring
Becker CourseBecker ConciergeBecker Pro
Retail Cost$5,999$3,899
4 Part CPA Review Course
Printed & Digital Textbooks
Digital Flashcards
SkillBuilder Videos
AICPA Blueprint Mapping
Simulated Exams
Academic Support
Unlimited Practice Tests
Mobile App
Lecture Videos
Task-Based Simulations
Free TrialFree TrialFree Trial
Accounting for Empires Game
Unlimited Access
Success Coach Access
Printed Flashcards
Final Review
Supplemental Test Bank
Live Classroom option
1-Year of CPE
5 Academic Tutoring sessions
Discount & Promo Code Available
Pass Guarantee*🚫
Success Coach🚫
CPA License Navigator🚫
Private Tutoring🚫

Becker Pro vs. Becker Premium

Becker Pro is Becker’s most popular course.

Becker Pro Exclusive Features (vs. Premium):

  1. Printed Flashcards
  2. Final Review
  3. Supplemental Test Bank
  4. Live Classroom Option
  5. One Year of CPE
  6. Five Academic Tutoring Sessions

Becker CourseBecker ProBecker Premium
Retail Cost$3,899$3,099
4 Part CPA Review Course
Printed & Digital Textbooks
Digital Flashcards
SkillBuilder Videos
AICPA Blueprint Mapping
Simulated Exams
Academic Support
Unlimited Practice Tests
Mobile App
Lecture Videos
Task-Based Simulations
Free TrialFree TrialFree Trial
Accounting for Empires Game
Unlimited Access
Success Coach Access
Printed Flashcards🚫
Final Review🚫
Supplemental Test Bank🚫
Live Classroom option🚫
1-Year of CPE🚫
5 Academic Tutoring sessions🚫
Discount & Promo Code Available🚫

Becker Premium vs. Becker Advantage

Becker Premium is Becker’s third-tier course.

It’s not bad in any way, but compared to Becker CPA Pro, we just don’t see a reason to buy it.

The Pro features are much better.

The Pro price is typically much cheaper.

With that said, here’s the Premium vs Advantage summary…

Becker Premium Exclusive Features (vs Advantage):

  1. Unlimited Access (vs 24 months)
  2. Success Coach
  3. Printed Textbooks (vs Digital Only)

The main difference here is unlimited vs. 24-month access. Becker Advantage is the only of the four Becker Courses without Unlimited Access.

There is a case to be made with the Advantage Course. If you want a no-frills CPA Review Course that’s still in the Becker Universe, consider the Advantage Course.

Even still, Becker Pro might still be cheaper.

Becker CourseBecker PremiumBecker Advantage
Retail Cost$3,099$2,499
4 Part CPA Review Course
Printed & Digital Textbooks🚫
Digital Flashcards
SkillBuilder Videos
AICPA Blueprint Mapping
Simulated Exams
Academic Support
Unlimited Practice Tests
Free TrialFree TrialFree Trial
Mobile App
Lecture Videos
Task-Based Simulations
Accounting for Empires Game
Unlimited Access🚫
Success Coach Access🚫

Final Verdict: Best Becker CPA Review Course

The Becker Pro Course is the best value among the Becker CPA Review Courses.

Final Review, Supplemental Questions, and 1 Year of CPE.

The cherry on top? It’s almost always on sale (and strangle enough, cheaper than the Premium course).

Becker Pro is clearly Becker’s flagship course and the one they push students toward.

Becker CPA Review Supplements

In addition to its core group of CPA Review Courses, Becker offers CPA supplemental materials.

As candidates gear up for the CPA Exam, they seek effective tools and resources to excel on exam day. Becker offers a range of support products designed to enhance the study experience and boost candidates’ confidence. This comprehensive guide explores the various CPA support products offered by Becker, including multiple-choice practice questions, flashcards, tutoring sessions, and ExamSolver videos. These resources aim to refine candidates’ understanding of complex concepts and help them master the content required to pass the CPA Exam.

Becker Final Review

This section will delve into the benefits and features of the Becker Final Review Courses. Becker Final Review is an exceptional resource that reinforces your understanding of the most challenging concepts tested in the CPA Exam. Through its comprehensive content, including new lectures, multiple-choice questions, and simulations, the Final Review series ensures that you make the most of your final hours of study time. Let’s explore the key features that make Becker Final Review an invaluable asset in your CPA exam preparation journey.

Becker Final Review presents brand new lectures delivered in short modules, optimizing your study time by focusing on key topics. By providing concise and focused lectures, Becker equips you with the knowledge you need to tackle the exam effectively. To meet the demands of the CPA Exam, Becker Final Review offers materials that specifically target the most challenging skill areas. Printed and annotated digital textbooks allow you to access comprehensive study materials that cover essential topics.

Becker Final Review provides over 35 hours of video lectures, allowing you to reinforce your understanding of key concepts through engaging visual content. These lectures are designed to enhance your learning experience and ensure you absorb the necessary knowledge effectively.

Becker’s Final Review includes over 1,000 multiple-choice questions to fortify your grasp of critical concepts. These questions are strategically designed to test your understanding and reinforce key ideas, enabling you to approach the exam confidently. Becker Final Review goes beyond traditional study materials by offering over 100 task-based simulations with SkillBuilder videos. This interactive approach immerses you in real-world scenarios, enabling you to apply your knowledge and develop the skills needed to excel in the exam.

To assess your readiness and provide an authentic exam experience, the Final Review offers one simulated exam per section of the CPA Exam. These simulated exams are designed to mimic the format and difficulty level of the actual exam, allowing you to gauge your performance and identify areas that require further attention.

Becker Final Review provides a full suite of integrated learning tools to enhance your study experience. These tools include note-taking capabilities, highlighting features, and a powerful search function, ensuring you can efficiently navigate the course materials and retrieve crucial information.

Aligned with the AICPA blueprints, Becker’s Final Review is meticulously organized to provide a hyper-focused review of the key areas within each topic. This targeted approach enables you to concentrate on the specific content essential for the CPA Exam, ensuring that your preparation is efficient and effective.

Now, let’s explore the Final Review products Becker offers for each section of the CPA Exam. These products provide in-depth coverage of the key topics, aligning with the AICPA blueprints and catering to each section’s specific requirements.

AUD Audit Final Review

The AUD Final Review is designed to prepare you for the Auditing and Attestation (AUD) section of the CPA Exam. This section tests your knowledge of audit reports and procedures, generally accepted auditing standards, attestation, and government auditing.

FAR Financial Final Review

The Becker FAR Final Review focuses on the CPA Exam’s Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) section. This four-hour section comprises 66 questions and eight task-based simulations.

REG Regulation Final Review

For the Regulation (REG) section of the CPA Exam, Becker’s REG Final Review offers comprehensive preparation. This four-hour section encompasses 76 questions and eight task-based simulations.

Becker also features a Final Review for the BAR, TCP, and ISC CPA Exam sections.

Becker Supplemental Multiple-Choice Practice Questions

Becker Supplemental Questions provide candidates with extensive supplemental multiple-choice practice questions that closely resemble the actual exam materials. Subject matter experts craft these questions to align with the exam’s format and difficulty level. By engaging in rigorous practice using these questions, candidates can identify and focus on sections that pose the greatest challenge. Whether for a quick review or an in-depth study of all sections, Becker’s practice questions enhance candidates’ problem-solving abilities and familiarize them with the question types encountered on the CPA Exam.

Becker Flashcards

Becker Flashcards offer printed flashcards, allowing candidates to reinforce their understanding of core CPA Exam concepts anytime. With over 1,300 flashcards available, candidates can utilize these portable study aids during their daily commutes, leisure time, or even while on vacation. Becker’s flashcards cover a wide range of exam content, enabling candidates to absorb information efficiently. Investing in these printed flashcards boosts candidates’ exam-day confidence by providing convenient access to valuable study materials.

Becker ExamSolver Videos

Becker has introduced a new product called Becker ExamSolver videos. With over 900 bite-sized videos, ExamSolver offers step-by-step explanations for both task-based simulations and multiple-choice questions. Candidates can review any question after completing a simulated or mini-exam and access the corresponding ExamSolver video solution. These instructor-led videos provide invaluable insights into tackling exam questions and equip candidates with practical tips and techniques for success. Please note that ExamSolver is exclusively available to current Becker students and requires a course purchase.

Becker CPA Tutoring Sessions

Becker CPA Tutoring now offers 1-on-1 academic tutoring sessions conducted online. Experienced tutors provide personalized guidance and assistance tailored to candidates’ specific needs. Whether troubleshooting course problems, comprehending intricate concepts, or analyzing reports, tutors are equipped to address concerns effectively. Becker understands the value of flexible scheduling and accommodating candidates’ busy lifestyles. With 1-on-1 CPA tutoring sessions, candidates can receive comprehensive academic support from knowledgeable professionals.

Microsoft® Excel Data Analytics Certificate

Becker offers a critical series focused on advanced Excel functions and applications for data analytics. By earning the Microsoft® Excel Data Analytics Certificate, candidates take a significant step forward in their professional development. This certificate program provides in-depth coverage of advanced Excel functions and equips candidates with the necessary skills to analyze data effectively.

Becker CPA Free Trial

The Becker Free Trial includes 14 Days of Access.

Becker FeatureIncluded in Becker Free Trial
Trial Access14 Days
Trial Study Units2 per Exam
Trial Lecture Hours31
Trial MCQ1,490
Trial Sims100
Trial Practice TestsUnlimited
Trial Digital Flashcards
Trial Syncs to Full Purchase
Becker Trial Link

Becker CPA Discounts & Promo Codes

Becker CourseCPA DiscountCPA Promo Code
Pro$1,500[On Becker Site]
Concierge$1,000[On Becker Site]

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Becker CPA Reviews

Note: We have not verified the accuracy, independence, or objectivity of these reviews, nor the criteria used to rate the Becker CPA Review course.

After that quick walk-through of the Becker Courses, Competitor Comparisons, and Discounts, the Becker CPA Reviews are next up. The following is a collection of various Reviews and ratings of Becker across the industry.

“Becker CPA Exam Review is the gold standard in CPA prep courses. That’s why I’ve named Becker our #1 rated CPA prep course.” – iPass The CPA Exam

“The Becker CPA Review course has a solid curriculum, course materials and instructors. If you’re a student who needs flexibility, as well as in-depth material, Becker’s online review course is the way to go. There’s also several financing options available, so you can even afford to enroll if your budget is on the smaller side.” – CPA Exam Guy

“With the backing of all four of the biggest accounting firms, it would be easy for Becker to simply rest on its laurels. Fortunately, this educational company continually innovates with new ways to help their students pass their CPA exams as quickly as possible.” – AIS CPA

“Why Becker? Becker’s name alone will greatly enhance your legitimacy when applying for jobs at large accounting firms. They’ve earned this reputation for offering the best CPA Study resources on the market; you.” – Beat The CPA

“The best-known CPA review course is undoubtedly Becker CPA Review. It’s highly recommended for its large bank of relevant practice questions, well-written textbooks, and the structured materials. Its cost can be intimidating, and some of the live lectures have been criticized by students, but it’s still the best option for CPA students as a whole.” – Big 4 Accounting Firms

“(Becker is) For students with no budgetary constraints looking for the most comprehensive and reputed review course.” – Wall Street MOJO

“In short, while it may cost you a bit more than other prep providers, if you don’t want to take any risk in your CPA review and want an excellent all-around course, turn to Becker like so many others have over the past 60 years.” – Test Prep Insight

“Becker CPA is one of the best review courses to prepare you for the CPA exam. I would highly recommend it if you are looking to complete your CPA exam.” – Indeed

Regardless of how flattering online reviews may be, as with any CPA Study Course, utilizing the Becker Free Trial prior to purchasing is highly recommended.

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becker cpa review

Becker CPA Review Frequently Asked Questions

Is Becker the Best CPA Review Course?

Becker has a very strong reputation in the CPA Review industry. Yes, Big 4 firms get large discounts with Becker, but if they weren’t also getting results, they wouldn’t stick with Becker. The Best CPA Review course is the one that works best for you. As mentioned above, be sure to utilize the Becker CPA Free Trial before purchasing (and bookmark this page [Control + D (Windows) or Command + D (Mac) ]for the promo codes, should you decide to purchase Becker).

Becker is commonly called “the gold standard” for CPA review courses. This is a testament to their standing in the marketplace and overall reputation.

The Becker CPA Review Course is the biggest name (most popular, i.e., largest market share) in CPA Exam prep. It’s been around forever, and it’s typically the most expensive course.

While Becker offers comprehensive coverage of all topics on the CPA Exam and its professors are widely respected in accounting, there is no “best” CPA Review course. Different people click with different courses in different ways. Becker does provide a wealth of resources to help students prepare for the exam, including study guides, practice questions, and mock exams. Ultimately, the best CPA review course is the one that works best for you.

Is Becker CPA Review Worth It?

Is Becker CPA Review worth it? That is the question you will have to decide for yourself. After all, it’s your money.

Becker is very expensive but also a highly regarded CPA Review course. There are other great options, too.

Whether it’s Becker or another course, choose the best CPA Review course for you.

Does Becker CPA expire? How long does Becker Access last?

If you’re wondering how long Becker lasts, then consider this: The Becker Pro and Becker Premium courses do not expire. The Becker Advantage Course includes 24 months of access. All other Becker products come with unlimited access. This means you can use them for as long as necessary to prepare for the CPA exam.

However, remember that the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) updates the CPA exam every 3-5 years. So, while your review materials may not expire, they could become outdated. Also, remember that you will only have access to the Becker Advantage Course for 24 months. After that, you must purchase a new course using the Becker Promise if you want to continue using Becker materials.

What is the Becker Promise?

The Becker Promise is a discounted course renewal policy offered to certain students. Students must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the Promise, such as enrolling in the Becker Advantage course. If students do not have unlimited access to their course material, they may be eligible for a special discount under the Becker Promise.

According to Becker, “If you use Becker’s CPA Exam Review but do not pass the CPA Exam, you may repeat our review course at no additional tuition cost, through a tuition waiver if you satisfy all Becker Promise eligibility requirements.”

Can I download Becker materials for offline studying?

Like many top CPA Review courses, Becker lets you download your study materials and work offline with your mobile device. One of the nice perks about using Becker for your CPA review is that you can download your materials for offline studying. This is useful if you want to study on the go or don’t have a reliable internet connection. You can also download and create custom study plans and flashcards, so you can study the best way for you. Plus, the Becker App syncs with the desktop version, so you can pick up where you left off, no matter your device.

Does Becker count as CPE?

While Becker offers continuing professional education (CPE) for CPAs (Becker CPE), the Becker CPA study courses do not count as CPE.

Becker Concierge and Pro include one year of Becker CPE.

What is Becker’s Refund & Return Policy?

Becker allows refunds up to 10 days from purchase, but there are some specific refund requirements for returns.

Per the Becker Terms of Service, the Becker Return Policy is as follows: “Requests for a refund must be made within ten (10) business days from your date of purchase. Becker will issue the refund, minus any non-refundable fees or CPE completed course fees outlined below, within thirty days from request (or from date of printed materials return, if applicable).”

Is Becker AICPA-Licensed?

Yes, Becker is an AICPA-Licensed CPA Exam Review course, has access to the AICPA Examinations Team, and knows what’s coming on the CPA Exam.

How much does Becker CPA Cost?

Becker Costs $2,399 to $5,999. Becker CPA has four main course packages:

Concierge ($5,999 retail price)

Pro ($3,899 retail price)

Premium ($3,199 retail price)

Advantage ($2,499 retail price).

Which Becker CPA Course is Best?

The Becker Pro or Premium Courses are the best packages to buy. If you’re buying Becker, go with the Becker Pro Course or Becker Premium, as the Advantage Package has significantly fewer options without much of a price difference.

Does Becker have Flashcards?

The Becker Pro Course has Flashcards and a Final Review (Cram Course). Contrast this with Becker Premium, which has most of the features of Becker Pro, including Unlimited Access, with some major differences:

Becker Pro has:

– CPA Flashcards

– Final Review (their “cram” type product)

– Supplemental Multiple Choice Questions

– One-Year CPE Subscription

Go with Becker Pro if it’s on sale (which it often is and, ironically, cheaper than the Premium package) or is close in price to the Premium Course.

Are Becker CPA Flashcards Worth It?

Becker’s printed flashcards offer the same level of effectiveness and confidence-building as the rest of the comprehensive CPA products. In addition, they provide the convenience of on-the-go studying, enabling candidates to optimize their study time effectively. Investing in Becker CPA flashcards is a valuable addition to one’s exam preparation strategy, ultimately enhancing the chances of success.

How to Study with Becker CPA?

Becker has study plans, or you can use alternative plans like the NINJA Study Framework from NINJA CPA Review.

– Nail the Becker Concepts

– Intense Becker Notes

– Non-Stop Becker MCQ

– Just Re-Write Your Becker Notes

– All Comes Together with Final Review

What is the Becker CPA Pass Rate?

Becker has an advertised pass rate of 94%. According to the Becker website, “In 2020, Becker Exam Day ReadySM students reported passing 94% of the CPA Exam sections they attempted. In total, Becker students passed more than 33,000 sections of the CPA Exam, which represents more than 1/3 of all CPA Exam sections passed in 2020.**”

Becker goes on to drill down into what constitutes being “Exam Day Ready”:

“Pass rate based on those students that met Exam Day ReadySM threshold and self-reported scores to us in 2020 and is calculated by dividing the total sections passed by total sections attempted across all qualifying students. “Exam Day ReadySM” threshold means students watched 80% of our lecture videos, answered 80% of our MCQs and TBSs correctly and scored a minimum of 50% on our simulated exams.

Scores may be reported at any time. We recognize there is an inherent bias to these results as students who do not pass may not share this information with us.”

(Emphasis added)

How do I get Becker Unlimited Access?

Becker Pro and Premium Courses have Unlimited Access. According to the Becker website, “Take advantage of our CPA Exam Review materials until you pass the exam.” By contrast, Becker’s Advantage Course comes with 24 months of access.

Are there Becker CPA Live Classes?

Becker’s Live CPA Review classes are no longer offered. Becker used to have a live class and even a Fast Pass intensive, but everything has moved to online

Is there a Becker CPA Free Trial?

Yes, the Becker Free Trial includes 14 Days of Access.

The Becker Free Trial includes:

31 Lecture Hours

1,490 MCQ

– 100 Simulations

– Practice Exams

– Digital Flashcards

How Does the Becker CPA Cost Compare to UWorld CPA Review?

Becker CPA and UWorld CPA Review are at similar price points and typically feature similar discounts. Try them both and decide which one you like best. Also, try NINJA CPA Review, which, like Becker and UWorld, is one of Investopedia’s top-5 CPA Review courses of 2024, but it is $67 monthly.

Can I get College Credit for taking Becker?

You might get College Credit for taking Becker. Some MAcc programs have the CPA Review course integrated into their program. If you’re looking into a Master of Accounting program, ask them if they have any university partnerships with Becker.

Does Becker CPA have Coupon Codes?

Becker CPA Coupon Codes are available. Becker offers discounts and promos regularly, putting the Becker Pro price somewhere in the ballpark of $2,300 on average.

Does Becker offer CPA firm discounts?

The bigger CPA firms (Big 4, large regional firms, etc.) and companies have relationships with courses like Becker. If your firm or organization has a discount program with Becker, it’s likely much better than the “normal” discount available.

What about Military Becker CPA Review Discounts?

Yes, Becker has a military discount. Becker has a direct billing relationship with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. A qualified veteran doesn’t have to pay out of pocket for Becker – similar to a CPA Firm’s direct billing. Becker is the only CPA Review course we could find with a direct bill relationship with the US Government.

Do the Becker CPA Review Courses have a Student Discount?

Yes. Becker has a Former Student Discount: “If you are a returning Becker CPA Exam Review Course student who decided to restart your studies after inactivity, you may be eligible for a discount. Please call our Customer Support team at 877.272.3926.”

Does Becker CPA offer Financing?

Yes, Becker offers financing for their CPA study courses called “Flex Pay.”

Per the Becker Website:

“Becker offers several no-interest payment plans to help you prepare to advance your career.

– 6, 12, or 24-month installment plans are available on eligible CPA Exam Review purchases over $500.

– A one-time $49, $69, or $99 non-refundable processing fee applies.

– All applicants are pre-approved.”

Is Becker CPA Review tax deductible?

Becker is not tax-deductible. Why? No CPA Review course is tax-deductible.

What is the Becker CPA portal?

The Becker CPA portal is just a formal term for the Becker CPA login.

Is Becker CPA down or offline?

All CPA Review courses have outages and go down and are offline occasionally. Some are planned, and some are not. If Becker CPA is down for you, I recommend checking the Becker Twitter account first to see if there’s any news.

Does Becker CPA have an App?

Yes, Becker CPA has an app for both iOS and Android. Becker’s CPA Exam Review mobile app is available for Apple® and Android™ tablets and smartphones, making it simple to study for the CPA Exam on your iPhone or Android device whenever and wherever you are (but let’s be real, if you want any shot of actually studying, you’ll need to delete your go-to time wasters (IG, FB, etc).

The Becker CPA app synchronizes to the computer/desktop version, which is an excellent benefit.

Does Becker CPA have Sales?

Becker has sales, often. The Becker Pro Course is often heavily discounted by $1,000.

Does Becker CPA charge for Shipping & Tracking?

Yes. Becker charges $30 for standard shipping, $45 for express shipping, and $145 for International customers.

Is the latest Becker version updated for the 2024 CPA Exam?

The latest version of Becker is updated for 2024. This includes the updates to Auditing & Attestation (AUD), the Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) Governmental Accounting Update, and the 2024 Tax Updates for Regulation (REG). Like all quality CPA Review courses, Becker keeps their courses updated. You can access the 2024 updates to the Becker book (or get a replacement book) on the Becker website.

Are Becker’s questions harder than the 2024 CPA Exam?

Are Becker questions harder than the actual CPA Exam? Yes and No. Like the “is Becker the best course” question, the answer to the question is highly subjective. People complain about every company’s questions. Why? The CPA Exam is brutally difficult (but worth it).

How do I contact Becker CPA Customer Support?

If you are a Becker customer in the US, the phone number to call is (877)272-3926. International Becker students can call (630)472-2213.

Becker Customer Support hours are:

Monday-Friday: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm CST (Becker HQ is located in Chicago, IL)

Saturday: 9:00 am-1:00 pm CST

Sunday: 10:00 am-3:00 pm CST

Becker Mailing Address:

399 South Spring Avenue, Suite 108
St. Louis, MO 63110

What is the Becker CPA Final Review?

The Becker Final Review is a short tutorial (cram) that reinforces your grasp of the CPA Exam’s most challenging topics. It includes brand-new lectures, multiple-choice questions, and simulations to ensure you spend your final hours studying efficiently. Becker’s Final Review is included with the Becker Pro Course.

Becker Final Review is a condensed review course that reinforces your understanding of the most challenging concepts on the CPA Exam. It offers comprehensive study materials and tools designed to optimize your preparation. Accessing Becker’s Final Review is simple. The course can be accessed from within your CPA review software. Becker Advantage or Premium students can choose to purchase the Becker Final Review courses individually by section or save 25% by purchasing all sections together.

Becker Pro students already have access to the Becker Final Review. To maximize its benefits, we recommend dedicating your final week of study time to this comprehensive resource. By immersing yourself in the content, utilizing the integrated learning tools, and engaging with the simulated exams, you can enhance your focus and readiness for the CPA Exam.

The length of time required for the Becker Final Review depends on your familiarity with the exam content. You may not need to study the entire CPA Final Review course if you have a strong grasp of certain topics. However, over 35 hours of video lectures are available to aid your preparation.

How Similar Are Becker Questions to the CPA Exam?

Becker’s study materials, including CPA practice questions, task-based simulations, simulated exams, and other products, are meticulously crafted to closely resemble the format and structure of the actual CPA Exam. This ensures that candidates gain familiarity with the question style and are better equipped for success on exam day.

Does Becker have CMA or CPE?

Yes, in addition to CPA Review, Becker also has Becker CMA and Becker CPE.

Does Becker have Sales?

Becker CPA Review has sales and typically discounts the Becker Pro course at $1,000 or more. Becker also runs discounts and promo codes on their Premium and Advantage CPA Review Courses, but only occasionally.

The Pro Course is almost always on sale. Visit the Becker website for updated Becker Discounts and Sales.

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