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Introduction: A Brief History of Wiley CPA Review

Wiley CPA Review is a well-respected CPA Review course brand. Like Becker CPA Review, Wiley CPA Review has been a staple of CPA Exam prep for decades. In the past, Wiley CPA Review was primarily known for the Wiley CPA Book and the Wiley CPA Test Bank, which several prominent CPA Review courses incorporated into their courses prior to creating their own study platforms and materials.

That all changed, however, when Wiley purchased CPAexcel, a competitor based out of Arizona that was known for its technology platform and videos. Wiley and CPAexcel married the most popular aspects of their respective products, and Wiley CPAexcel was born.

Today, Wiley CPAexcel (still commonly referred to as “Wiley CPA Review”) is still a popular CPA Exam study option and maintains significant market share in the CPA prep space.

Overview of the Wiley CPA Review Courses

Wiley CPA Review has two main CPA Exam review courses: Wiley CPAexcel Platinum and Wiley CPAexcel Pro.

The Wiley Platinum course includes everything in the Pro Course, with the addition of:

  • CPA Exam mentoring
  • CPA eligibility support for international CPA candidates
  • 11th Hour Final Review cram course
wiley cpa review
Wiley CourseWiley CPA PremiumWiley CPA Pro
Retail Cost$2,499$2,199
4 Part CPA Review Course
Video Lectures
Printed & Digital Textbooks
AICPA Blueprint Mapping
Academic Support
Unlimited Practice Tests
Wiley CPA Test Bank
12,000+ CPA Questions
500+ Task-Based Simulations
0% Financing
Unlimited Access
Printed & Digital Flashcards🚫
11th Hour Final Review🚫
5,000 True/False🚫

Overview of the Wiley CPA Supplements

  • Wiley CPA Test Bank: Today, the Wiley CPAexcel package has among the largest CPA Test Banks (12,000+ questions and 500+ simulations). Wiley also sells a standalone Wiley CPA Test Bank, which offers 6,000 multiple-choice questions and 200 task-based simulations. The Wiley Test Bank is online and costs $600.
  • Wiley 11th Hour Final Review: The Wiley CPA 11th Hour Review is Wiley's version of a CPA Exam cram course. The course includes a series of videos covering hot topics and worked problems so you can focus your studies on the areas most likely to be tested. Each 11th Hour section includes a practice exam that is intended to replicate the CPA Exam testing experience that you'll face at Prometric. The Final Review is digital and costs $600.
  • Wiley CPA Study Guides: The Wiley Study Guides (aka the “Wiley Books”) are what Wiley calls its CPA Books. Wiley is one of the few CPA Review courses that sells a standalone CPA Review Book. The Wiley Study Guides are $300 (digital) and $400 (print)
  • Wiley CPA Focus Notes: The Wiley Focus Notes are Wiley's version of CPA Exam Notes. The Focus Notes are available digitally for $200 or printed for $300.
  • Wiley CPA Flashcards: The Wiley Flashcards are 1,000 in total (250 per section) and are $300 (print only).
  • Wiley CPA Virtual Review Courses: The Wiley Virtual Course is a blend of live and pre-recorded lectures. Cost: $400 (online).

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Wiley Free Trial

Wiley offers a 14-Day Free Trial for serious CPA candidates who want to find out if Wiley is right for them. No credit card is required for the Wiley CPA Trial, which includes access to a companion mobile app and 5,000+ Wiley Test Bank questions.

  • Online Study Text
  • 60+ hours of Lecture Videos
  • Nearly 5,000 MCQs
  • 200+ Task-Based Simulations
  • 10+ Written Communications
  • 2,400+ Knowledge Checks
  • Companion Mobile App

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Wiley CPA vs Becker

If you are shopping for CPA Study Materials and are considering Wiley CPA, then the inevitable comparisons to Becker CPA Review will happen.

We will now do a deep dive into the flagship products of each CPA prep course: Wiley CPA Platinum vs Becker Pro.

Wiley CPA vs Becker Wiley CPA PlatinumBecker CPA Pro
Retail Price$2,499$3,799
Discounted Price$1,499$2,699
Free Trial14 Days14 Days
4 Part CPA Review Course
Printed & Digital Textbooks
Digital Flashcards
Lecture Videos
AICPA Blueprint Mapping
Simulated Exams
Academic Support
Unlimited Practice Tests
Mobile App
Test Bank Questions12,000+7,900+
Task-Based Simulations500+400+
0% Financing
Unlimited Access
Mentor/Coach Access
Printed Flashcards1,000+1,300+
Cram Course
In-Person Classroom option🚫
1-Year of CPE🚫
Live Academic Support

The Bottom Line: Wiley CPA vs Becker

With a price difference of $1,000+ (retail or discounted), CPA Candidates will need to ask themselves a few questions:

  1. Do you like Becker's user interface and overall study experience vs Wiley?
  2. Do you like Becker's core instruction team of Peter Olinto, Tim Gearty, and Michael Brown better vs Wiley's team of instructors?
  3. Do you like the Becker Final Review better vs Wiley 11th Hour cram course?

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