Colorado CPA Exam Requirements

Education Requirements Other Requirements
Hours Required for Exam: At least 27 semester hours in accounting (three of those in audit). 21 semester hours must be in a variety of business courses. Residency Requirements: None
Requirements for Licensure: 1) Meet Education Requirements to qualify to sit for the exam 2) Successfully complete the CPA Exam 3) Take and successfully pass the AICPA Ethics examination or its equivalent 4) One year of experience in public accountancy under the direct supervision of an actively licensed CPA or experience that the Board deems to be equivalent.  Experience must be gained 5 years before or after passing the CPA Exam. Minimum Age: none
Degree Required: Bachelor's Application Fee: $150
Additional Requirements: 21 semester hours must be in a variety of business courses. Additional Notes: Effective July 1, 2015 – candidates will have to show proof of completing 150 hours of education. Education not completed by time of CPA test application must be successfully completed within 60 days of completing the first exam.

A Quick and Easy Checklist

For students preparing to sit for the uniform CPA exam, it is important to know the specific requirements for the individual state in which an applicant plans to work. The following guide for the state of Colorado can serve as a quick check list to be sure that potential candidates are fully prepared before they apply for the exam. Guidelines and requirements for students who plan to sit for the uniform CPA exam in Colorado include the following key components. Please remember that these requirements can change at any time, so it is best to contact your state board of accountancy prior to applying for the exam or paying any fees.


  • Initial application fee – $150.00
  • Audit and Attestation – $190.35
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting – $190.35
  • Regulation – $171.25
  • Business Environment and Concepts – $171.25
  • Total amount is $873.20 (no refunds)

Application and testing process:

  • Before an exam can be scheduled, students must first file an application and pay the initial fee to the Colorado State Board of Accountancy.
  • Official copies of all transcripts should also be sent at this time.
  • Confirmation of eligibility should arrive in mail with a “Notice to Schedule” (NTS) within 4 to 8 weeks of sending in the application.
  • The first test can be scheduled within a six month window of time after application approval – all exams are taken at specific Prometrics testing centers.
  • Applicants have a total of 18 months to complete all exams; scheduling a test 4 months in advance is strongly recommended.
  • Each exam is given during a specific testing window and failed exams can only be retaken when the testing window reopens.

Before Scheduing your exam(s), prepare with:

On the day of exam, students must bring:

  • NTS form and ID that matches the information on the testing form – if the ID presented does not match, students will not be able to take test and no refund will be given.

Receiving scores:

  • Once the exam is over, scores are generally available at the end of the first month for the testing window and then every two weeks after that date.
In order to ensure that all parts of the process go smoothly, it is important to be as prepared as possible. Students generally find it helpful to be involved in a student chapter of a related professional association. One-on-one advice from peers who are in various parts of the process can be helpful. Networking opportunities may also lead to future opportunities. In addition to networking in the field, enrolling in a reputable online review course can help build the momentum and support network most helpful for success. In addition to using a well-developed review course to prepare for the uniform CPA exam, students should also check with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy to be sure that all exam requirements are up to date; in Colorado students can visit:

CPA Review Courses

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