Your Guide to Arizona CPA Requirements: Licensing, Exams, and More

Understanding Arizona CPA requirements is essential for aspiring CPAs. Qualifying candidates must complete bookkeeping and upper-level accounting courses at an accredited institution. Additionally, passing an ethics exam is mandatory.

The state Board of Accountancy oversees all licensing, information systems, and exam procedures. Ensure your related coursework aligns with state standards for eligibility. This guide will help you navigate the process effectively.

CPA Exam Requirements Arizona – Overview
Educational Hours Required for Exam120 Semester Hours
Educational Hours Required for Licensure150 Semester Hours
Residency RequiredNot required
Degree RequiredBachelor’s
Minimum Age18
Application Fee$100.00
Additional RequirementsArizona Board of Accountancy Site

Arizona CPA Exam Requirements

Uniform CPA Testing Eligibility

To become a certified public accountant (CPA) in Arizona, candidates must meet specific standards and pass a challenging CPA exam. Arizona CPA requirements include at least a bachelor’s degree from an Arizona accounting school or another accredited institution.

The CPA exam in Arizona necessitates semester-long hours of related accounting coursework. The U.S. Department of Labor projects a 21.6% job growth rate for accounting professionals in Arizona from 2020–2030, highlighting the demand. Ensure your credits are not duplicative bookkeeping courses to qualify.

Gaining Relevant Work Experience

Gaining relevant work experience is crucial for obtaining a CPA license. The State Board of Accountancy mandates specific CPA exam requirements that include practical experience in accounting, auditing, or other closely related fields. Typically, candidates wanting to work in accounting firms need one to two years of supervised experience under a licensed Certified Public Accountant from an accredited college or university.

This experience must be documented and verified, ensuring it meets the standards set by the American Institute of CPAs. Relevant tasks might include roles in business administration, data processing, and other courses.

  • Work experience must involve upper-level courses and sufficient college credit, with at least 24 semester hours of accounting.
  • To qualify, you must meet the CPA exam requirements and pass both the Uniform CPA Examination and the ethics exam.

Additionally, your coursework should include business law and other non-duplicative semester hours of related courses to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the field. Meeting these requirements prepares you for a successful career in accounting.

Scheduling the Arizona CPA Exam

After submitting a successful state application, candidates will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) from the Arizona State Board. This NTS is valid for one testing event or six months, whichever comes first. The NTS lists the section(s) the candidate is approved to take, as well as the deadline for testing.

  • Schedule your exam appointment online at or by calling Prometric at 1-800-580-9648.
  • Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis, so schedule early to get your preferred location, date, and time.

Ensure your education includes non-duplicative bookkeeping courses and upper-level coursework to meet Arizona CPA exam requirements. Meeting business law and related coursework criteria is crucial. Paid or unpaid experience in accounting is also beneficial.

Initial Exam Fee and Re-Exam Fee

The initial application fee for the Arizona state CPA exam is $100. This fee covers the processing of your application and eligibility verification, including a review of your business law and related courses and a notice to schedule.

For candidates needing to retake any section of the CPA exam, the re-exam application fee is $50. This allows candidates to retake specific sections without reapplying for the entire exam. Fees should be paid to CPA Exam Services when submitting your application.

  • Initial application cost: $100
  • Re-exam application fee: $50

Candidates can take one or more sections of the exam at a time, paying the appropriate fees for each section. It is important to stay updated with CPA Exam Services for the latest fee information.

Additional costs may include exam preparation materials and consulting services. Fees are subject to change, so candidates should verify the current fees before applying.

Arizona CPA License Requirements

Concentrations, Credits, and Course Acceptance

Arizona requires each CPA to have at least 150 credits of college coursework and a bachelor’s degree. Students can earn these credits in a standard bachelor’s degree or consider accelerated bachelor’s-to-master’s accounting programs. According to the CPA Journal, exam-takers with master’s degrees have higher pass rates on the Uniform CPA Exam.

Bachelor ’s-to-Master’s programs offer a built-in pathway to earning the 150 credits (180 quarter hours) required for CPA initial licensure in Arizona and most other states.

Arizona CPA exam requirements state that all CPA candidates must have a degree and at least 120 of the required 150 credits in business courses to take the examination. Candidates do not specifically need accounting degrees, but their education must include at least 24 hours of bookkeeping courses or similar relevant coursework.

  • Professional conduct and adherence to administrative rules are crucial.
  • Credits can be earned through a college or university, with quarter hours converted accordingly.
  • Candidates must achieve a passing score on the exam.

These educational requirements ensure candidates are well-prepared for the accounting profession.

Retaining Licensure and Certification

To retain a CPA license in Arizona, professionals must adhere to specific guidelines set by the Arizona State Board of Accountancy. These include passing the AICPA professional ethics exam with a score of at least 90%. This ethics exam must be completed within two years before the date of the license application.

  • CPA licenses require ongoing education, including hours of accounting courses and non-duplicative accounting courses, to ensure up-to-date knowledge.

The Arizona Society of CPAs supports certified public accountants and provides resources for professional development. Membership is voluntary but beneficial for staying informed about the CPA profession.

Certified public accountants must also adhere to the AICPA professional code and maintain proficiency in areas like cash flow statements and professional ethics.

For detailed information about maintaining your license, visit the Arizona State Board of Accountancy’s website or consult the Arizona Society of CPAs.

  • Initial and Arizona CPA exam fees must be kept current, and any updates or changes can be verified with CPA Exam Services.

By following these guidelines, CPAs can ensure they meet the Arizona state CPA exam requirements and retain their certification.

Exam and Licensure Requirements FAQ’s

Who Can Take the Arizona CPA Licensure Exam?

To take the CPA licensure exam in Arizona, candidates must meet specific education requirements with enough quarter hours set by Arizona’s Board. These requirements include completing a bachelor’s degree from an accredited accounting or business administration institution. Candidates must also complete 150 hours of related courses, including upper-level bookkeeping courses.

  • Educational requirements include courses in business administration, auditing, and taxation.
  • Candidates must pass all sections of the CPA test in Arizona with satisfactory exam scores.

The Arizona State Board of Public Accountancy oversees the administration of the CPA exam and the licensing process. Candidates must adhere to all guidelines and meet the continuing professional education requirements to maintain their CPA license.

For more information about the Arizona CPA exam, candidates can visit the Arizona Board of Accountancy website at or contact them directly with any questions.

Meeting these criteria ensures eligibility for the CPA exam in Arizona and subsequent licensure by the Arizona Board of Accountancy.

Additional Information

While we do our best to keep all of this information up to date you are welcome to visit and or contact that Arizona Board of Accountancy with any other questions you might have.

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