CPA Exam Score Release

CPA Exam Score Release

One of the greatest anxieties CPA Exam takers encounter during their taking of the CPA Exam is the reporting of their scores. The exam is already stressful enough and adding the anticipation of receiving scores can make it almost unbearable for many exam
takers. Additionally, due to the CPA Exam Requirements, exam takers have to adjust their exam schedule so that they pass all four parts within 18 months.

When are CPA Exam scores released?

In an attempt to provide more certainty on when scores will be released – and the overall CPA Exam score reporting process – the American Institute of CPAs released a timetable for the first quarter of 2018. Before we go into details of the new score
reporting timetable, it’s important that you understand the scoring process. While the AICPA may create, administer and grade your CPA Exam, they do not directly provide you the scores. In fact, the AICPA releases the scores to the National
Association of State Boards of Accountancy. This association represents your state board of accountancy, where you registered to take the exam and where you most likely will go on to pursue CPA certification.
NASBA then releases the scores directly to the exam takers. So there may be a delay between when the AICPA provides the scores to NASBA and when you receive the score.

What is the target score release timeline?

If you take your CPA Exam Section on/before: AICPA receives your CPA examination data files from Prometric 11:59 pm (EST) between: Target Q1 2018 CPA Exam Score Release Date:
January 20 January 1 – January 20 February 6
 February 28  January 21 – February 28 March 8
March 10 March 1 – March 11 March 20
March 10 After March 11 March 23

Basically, if you took a section of the CPA Exam, other than BEC, on February 10 and the AICPA received your graded exam shortly thereafter, your score will be sent to NASBA on February 22. You should be able to obtain the score report from NASBA or your
state board of accountancy within 24-48 hours after the release to NASBA, depending on your state board of accountancy’s reporting methodology.

Where are CPA Exam scores found?

Most state boards of accountancy are part of NASBA's online score retrieval system. As such, most exam takers can login to the system and obtain their scores once they’re posted from
NASBA. If your state board of accountancy doesn’t belong to this program, you will most likely have to wait to receive the score report via U.S. Mail.

What’s included in the score report?

CPA Exam score reports include the CPA Exam section name, ID, date of exam, score indicating whether you passed or failed, and your status with respect to other sections taken. Possible scores range from 0 to 99 and you must get at least a 75 to pass
the section. Depending on your state board of accountancy, you may also receive a CPA Exam section performance report. Some state boards only issue these if you fail the section, others include it all the time and others don’t include one
at all. The general rule here is that if you have doubts or questions about the score reporting process, you should contact your state board of accountancy. Each state board can operate differently and may have a specific reporting process.
Ultimately, the state board of accountancy will have final record of your scores and use them to determine your eligibility to obtain licensure. We strive to offer helpful information pertaining to the release of your CPA Exam score. We realize
that receiving your score is of great importance.