Oklahoma CPA Exam Requirements

Education Requirements Other Requirements
Hours Required for Exam: 120 semester hours Residency Requirements: must be a resident immediately prior to filing application
Requirements for Licensure: Successfully pass the Uniform CPA Exam 1800 hours/1 year of work experience – experience must have been earning within 4 years of signing and dating the experience form.  Accounting experience can be in Public Accounting, Government, Industry or Academia. Minimum Age: None
Degree Required: Bachelor's Application Fee: $100 for first-time exam applicants and $50 for re-examination applicants. $100 for CPA license applicants.
Additional Requirements: At least 76 credit hours should be upper division courses 9 upper division credits in business A minimum of one auditing course 30 semester hours of accounting coursework above the introductory level Additional Notes: In order to be eligible for a CPA license, candidates must complete one year of service (1,500 hours) working in an office of a certified public accountant or public accountant.

Application and testing process:

    • An application and initial fee must be submitted to the state board of accountancy before a test can be scheduled.
    • Official copies of all transcripts are needed to complete the application process.
    • A “Notice to Schedule” will arrive in the mail 4 to 8 weeks after the application has been submitted.
    • Tests are administered at specific Prometrics testing centers only.
    • The first test can be scheduled within six months of an accepted application.
    • Applicants have a total of 18 months to take the whole series of exams; scheduling a few months in advance is strongly recommended.
    • Each exam is assigned a specific testing window.
    • Students that don’t receive a passing grade the first time must retake the exam when the testing window opens again.

On the day of exam students need to bring:

      • NTS form and photo ID
      • Photo ID and information on it must match the NTS form exactly or student will not be allowed to take the exam.
      • No refunds are granted for improper ID.

Before Scheduing your exam(s), prepare with:

Receiving scores:

      • Students can generally obtain scores at the end of the first month of a testing window and then every two weeks after that date.
Preparing to sit for the uniform CPA exam requires a great deal of hard work and determination. Sustaining the momentum needed to complete all parts of the exam successfully within the allotted timeframe takes strong self-discipline and a solid game plan. Many students network with peers during this time, becoming active in a local chapter of a professional association. Working with a mentor who has been through the process is also helpful. Another strong strategy tip is to enroll in a proven online CPA review course. While the online scheduling makes the course flexible, the structure keeps students on track. For more information about enrolling in a powerful online review course, visit: https://www.cpaexam.com. Also see http://www.ok.gov/oab_web/Examination/index.html for more information and viewing the most up to date requirements for the CPA exam process in Oklahoma.

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