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What separates CPA Review’s Instructor-Led Online from every other provider is that since 1971, our courses have been and still are written and instructed by actual CPAs, attorneys, and industry leaders such as Bob Monette (JD, CPA). The program offers
the hands-on guidance, structure, and support of a live class combined with the flexibility and convenience of online learning. With Checkpoint Learning CPA Review programs, you’ll have access to your courses 24/7, so you can study on your schedule,
anytime, anywhere. You’ll also be able to interact with other students and accounting professionals including some of the industry’s most knowledgeable CPA review instructors via email, chat rooms and message boards. The online classroom setting features
7 weeks of structured assignments, streaming lectures, robust study guides, hundreds of review questions, assignments and practice quizzes, as well as the CPAReview Personal Trainer. Candidates receive a full set of CPA Review's comprehensive textbooks,
as well as an online e-book to ensure study materials are always on-hand. Courses are available as a complete four-section review or individually for Financial Accounting & Reporting, Regulation, Auditing & Attestation, and Business Environment &
Concepts. In addition to the many online features, candidates will also receive a set of Simulation Strategy DVDs, which tackle the tough simulation questions that test takers fear most. These DVDs guide viewers through a variety of case studies and
their unique solutions, helping build the skills and self-assurance necessary to successfully recognize and react to these challenging questions.

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2022 CPA Review Courses

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2022 CPA Review Courses

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88 Things You Need To Know For The CPA Exam
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