Wyoming CPA Exam Requirements

Education Requirements Other Requirements
Hours Required for Exam:24 semester hours of upper coursework, or graduate coursework and 24 hours in business courses Residency Requirements: Be a resident, or be consistently engaged in employment in Wyoming, or be a graduate of the University of Wyoming.
Hours Required for Licensure: 150 hours Minimum Age: 18
Degree Required: Bachelor's Application Fee: $110.00
Additional Requirements: Bachelor’s degrees must be from a regionally accredited educational institution. Additional Notes: Applicants should only pay for sections that will be taken within 6 months because the Notice to Schedule expires after the six months.

Rules and Regulations for Applications

Hopeful Wyoming Certified Public Accountants need to be prepared with information concerning logistics, requirements, fees and deadlines before taking the CPA exam. To sit for the exam, applicants do not have to be a US citizen. In Wyoming, CPA Exam candidate should complete the application form that can be accessed at http:/cpaboard.state.wy.us. Furthermore, school transcripts, proof of identify or the Verification of Lawful Presence forms need to be sent to the following: Wyoming Board of CPAs 2020 Carey, Suite 702 Cheyenne, WY 82002-0610 An Authorization to Test (ATT) Notification will be sent to applicants via email or mail. The ATT will expire six (6) months from the application date if the candidate never obtains a NTS.  The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) will send a payment voucher. This voucher can be used to pay the NASBA, AICPA & Prometric fees directly to NASBA. After a candidate’s application has been received and the application fees have been paid, test-takers will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) and a payment coupon from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. Once applicants have secured their NTS and payment coupon, candidates will have the ability to schedule their exams. The Notice to Schedule is only valid for six months. Wyoming applicants must schedule their exams within the six month window of gaining a Notice to Schedule. Tests can be scheduled with Prometric, a test center network, at www.prometric.com/CPA/default.htm. Additionally, NASBA provides a short questionnaire that must be completed for a score to be released after a test is completed. Candidates are urged to finish this form before taking any Wyoming CPA exam sections.

Test Sections

There are four sections to the CPA Exam. The costs, time to complete the sections and the specific sections are as follows:

Audit and Attestation

The cost for the Audit and Attestation section is $190.35 and the time to take the test is 4.5hours

Financial Accounting and Reporting

The cost for this section is $1905.35; the time to complete the test is 4 hours.


The Regulation section of the test is 3 hours long and costs $171.25.

Business Environment and Concepts

The Business Environment and Concepts section takes 3 hours to complete and the cost is $171.25. In addition, there is a $110 for an individual’s initial application, regardless of the number of test sections requested.  There is a $50 fee for each of an individual’s subsequent applications, regardless of the number of test sections requested.  An additional fee of $67.50 will be assessed to those individuals who do not authorize release of personal information to the national candidate database when completing the examination application. The passing grade for Wyoming CPA candidates is 75% for each section of the test.

Before Scheduling your exam(s), prepare with:

Securing Test Results

All sections of the test must be passed in a rolling 18 month time-frame.  NASBA will convey test results to the Wyoming Board of Certified Public Accountants. This board then alerts candidates as to how they can access their scores.

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