Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Review is the CPA Exam Review course with the highest market share, and also the most expensive.

Becker is the grandfather of CPA Review.

The CPA Review landscape has changed a lot over the last ten years with several new entrants into the marketplace.

Still, Becker CPA was rated “Best Overall” by Investopedia.

In a market with fierce competition, the biggest winner is usually the consumer, and CPA Exam Review is no different.

The Becker course packages have evolved and improved over time to include:

  • Unlimited Access (Pro & Premium)
  • Academic Tutoring (Pro)
  • One Year of CPE (Pro)

Becker usually also offers significant discounts on the Becker Pro Course, which is now their flagship product.

Retailing for $3,499, the discounted price usually hovers around $2,400.

Becker also offers a “Premium” Course, which doesn't include the Becker Final Review, Academic Tutoring, or One-Year CPE.

When Becker CPA Review is running a sale, the Pro Course is the better deal, as it includes more, but it is only marginally more expensive.

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