CPA Exam Review

How to Choose a CPA Exam Review Course

Choosing a CPA Exam Review course is one of the most important decisions that a CPA candidate can make.

There are several factors that should weigh heavily in this decision.

  • Does the course use AICPA-Licensed CPA Exam questions?
  • Does the course fit your budget?
  • Does the course match your personal learning style?

The answer should be β€œyes” to all three of these questions before you purchase. All of the CPA Review courses listed below match the first criterion. The answers to questions #2 and #3 are up to you and your personal preferences.

It is highly recommended that you do a Free Trial of any course before investing in any CPA Exam Review Course.

CPA Exam Review Courses

Three of the most-popular CPA Review companies (in alphabetical order):

Becker CPA ReviewNINJA CPA ReviewWiley CPAexcel
Becker CPA ReviewNINJA CPA ReviewWiley CPAexcel
$3,499$67 per month$2,499
Videos Videos Videos
Book Book Book
Testbank Testbank Testbank
πŸ† Best Overall*πŸ† Best Price*
Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site

* The 5 Best CPA Prep Courses of 2021 – Investopedia, an independent 3rd party

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