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Checkpoint Learning's CPA Review Books Feature:

  • Tips, techniques and strategies on how to prepare for the CPA Exam, including a "Best Practices" section that provides a recommended weekly training plan.
  • Coverage of all exam changes, the very latest AICPA, FASB, GASB and ISB pronouncements and all significant ARBs, APBs, SASs, SSARs, SFACs and FASB materials
  • Thousands of review questions – with correct and incorrect answer explanations not available from the AICPA

Checkpoint Learning's CPA Review Books Include:

  • Our exclusive Solutions Approach to problem solving that shows you how to answer questions for maximum points from the graders
  • A special appendix containing answer-writing tips that will boost your scores
  • Instructions on how to obtain a FREE How to Pass the CPA Exam DVD
  • And the CPA Review books and materials include much more!

Why  CPAEXAM.com?

Why CPAEXAM.com?

From our longstanding record of helping candidates pass the exam to our reasonable prices and money-back guarantee, what’s not to love?

CPAEXAM.com in the Classroom

CPAEXAM.com in the Classroom

Accounting professors, it’s never been easier to prepare your students for the CPA Exam.

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